When should I start sending my CV to schools?

Hello everyone!

When I was on my placement, I wanted to land a job at the school where I was teaching. However, I was unsure as to when would be the best time to give them my CV.

When is the best time in the year to start sending my CVs out to schools? I want to stand out from the crowd and not send it in when everyone else does, but I also don’t want to be too early or late.

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Hey there!

Great question! Many pre-service teachers wonder about this question. As ambitious as we normally are, pre-service teachers also occasionally struggle with not wanting to ‘bother’ their prac schools or their leaders. Pre-service teachers desperately want to put their best foot forward and appear as employable as possible.

Timing is important when giving a school your CV. If you are too early, you run the risk of your CV being lost. If you are too late, there may be no positions left.

Teachers affectionately call the period around Term 3 and Term 4, ‘silly season’. This is because many things that need to be sorted for the next year are still up in the air. This would be the best time to send a school your CV. However, there are ways to give it to them to increase your chances of a job interview!

  • Find a context where the schools are actively seeking for new teachers. For example, going to a careers fair might be a great investment in your future. Many teachers we speak to landed their job by giving a school their CV at a careers fair.
  • Take advantage of prior connections and networks. Cold calling schools can work, but nothing beats networking for potential job offers. Actively try and create a relationship with your mentor teacher, the department, or even the school leader. Schools will always be looking to hire a known product.
  • You can also get involved with other schools through volunteering your time with sports, tutoring or co-curricular activities.
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What a great question. If you are someone who has had to create a digital portfolio throughout your course at university, I suggest you send a copy as well as your CV. A number of preservice teachers have secured employment after sending their portfolios to principals. I would recommend you start sending out your CVs in Term 4.