What is TeachConnect? Online support for Queensland Teachers during COVID-19

What is TeachConnect? TeachConnect is the result of collaboration between universities and the Queensland College of Teachers to design an online community that meets the needs of teachers.

The COVID-19 crisis and the shift to many teachers relying upon online resources makes this a good time to widely release the platform.

Wanting to stay connected? Looking for resources to use and share? Wanting to hear useful tips and strategies from educators whilst working remotely?

You can use the platform in two main ways:

  1. Simply click on sign up to join the community and you’ll see what is being posted/shared through a weekly email (you can opt out at any time). You can also get more deeply involved (we recommend this!) by asking questions on the site, commenting on anything, and sharing resources or articles–basically anything that you could do on a Facebook group.

  2. If you’re already part of a real-world network of teachers (e.g., your school, your subject area, an association you’re part of, or just an informal collective) then TeachConnect is the perfect platform for setting up your group for online discussions, resource sharing, and community building. Just write to us at nick.kelly@qut.edu.au for more information about how we can support your teacher community through TeachConnect. If you want a private space with control over membership then that is not a problem–we can help you with that.

You can think of TeachConnect as an attempt to recreate the joys of teacher Facebook groups but with added benefits of:

  • There are no distractions–everything here is about teaching in Queensland
  • There are some extremely experienced teachers already in the platform who can help out with any questions you might ask
  • The search feature is excellent as the site is designed for knowledge re-use (not for trying to entrap you into endless scrolling!)
  • Your data stays safe (it’s not owned by a multinational corporation)

To read more about the project then head over to: https://teachconnect.edu.au/faq