What credentials do I need to work at a religious school?

Hello everyone!
There is a lot of information swirling around graduation time. One area that I feel needs more information about it is faith-based schooling and what credentials I may need to work at a school like that? Do I need anything at all? Should I be doing some sort of course? Do I need any documentation or diploma? Do I even have to be openly part of that religion? Thanks!

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Hey Auliciems!
Good question. This is something that confused me as well, as it’s almost like every faith-based school does something different! It can be especially daunting during the ‘job hunting silly season’, as you’re not sure if you’re underqualified for certain faith-based schools.

Luckily, at Symposium II, Tim Kotzur (the principal of St. Peters’ Lutheran College) cleared this matter up for all the pre-service teachers in the audience. To hear what he had to say, watch the video or listen to the audio below!


  • You need to do your research around different schools, as many do it differently.
  • At St. Peters, new teachers are required to do a religious education course called ‘Pathways’, which is ten hours per year, for three years.
  • This course contains information as to why Lutheran schools approach education in the way they do. For example, pastoral care revolves around supporting every student as each of them were made in God’s image.
  • You may want to look into getting a Diploma in Theology, as that allows you to teach Religious Education and could make faith-based schools look on you favorably in the hiring process.