What can I do to land a job in the new year?

The period between Term 3 and Term 4 has been affectionately dubbed the ‘silly season’ amongst teachers. School direction, co-curricular, resources as well as staffing are all up in the air at that point in the year. However, this is the best time for beginning teachers to start putting their names out there to try and land a job at a school.

At PRAC-E Symposium III, our panel discussed this ‘silly season’, and how graduate teachers can take advantage of it to possibly land a job at their dream school. Enjoy their advice in the video and podcast below!


  • LinkedIn is your best friend. It is a fantastic resource and a landing platform for potential employers.
  • Have a simple cover letter and proofread your work. Make your CV link to the values of the school.
  • Contact the school’s HR department and inquire about the best way to apply to the schools.
  • Double-check your social media and make sure it is appropriate.