Welcome to KUTA CATCH-UP: What's the buzz about Project Based Learning?

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Project Based Learning “Hive” - a professional learning community for teachers, by teachers, on all things Project Based Learning, otherwise known as PBL.

This is an initiative of “Team Schmovelroud” - Pamela Schmerl and Lauren Hovelroud -from Kelvin Grove State College in Brisbane. We are Team Schmovelroud and we are on a mission to build a professional learning community that develops, supports and celebrates gold-standard project-based learning through authentic collaboration and engagement between teachers, students, community and the globe.

The next step in our mission is in expanding our professional learning community by partnering with TeachConnect! So, you too can embrace our school’s mascot ‘Kuta’, the honeybee, and be part of our PBL Hive community as well.

To help you along on your own PBL journeys, Team Schmovelroud will be hosting a series of videos, articles and posts called KUTA CATCH-UP: The Buzz About Project Based Learning.

Please view our welcome video introduction below:

Now, if that’s not enough, Team Schmovelroud are keen students and devotees of PBL Works (formerly known as the Buck Institute of Education). Our own PBL pedagogy and practices have been founded on their years of research-informed practice and collaboration with practitioners in their quest to build the capacity of schools across America and the globe to design and facilitate quality, gold-standard project based learning.

Check out PBL Works and their amazing resources here:

We both started in isolation, then found each other and accessed amazing professional development opportunities, such as learning from the best with PBL Works. Now we’re further building our own professional learning community so that none of you ever feel isolated or without support to innovate in your classrooms and engage your students in amazing Project Based Learning.

For more on the WHY of PBL and further research, resources and international success stories, here’s another great link to help you along on your PBL journeys:

Please check out more of our KUTA CATCH-UP episodes and posts to come with the latest buzz on all things Project Based Learning!

~ Team Schmovelroud