Videos to support teachers teaching DigiTech

There is a growing collection of awesome YouTube videos for teachers who are wanting to teach using drones, particularly in the DigiTech (Digital Technologies) curriculum.

@DrCathBall has a World of Drones channel that I’ve just been watching, and here are some of my recommendations.

Intro to Digitech videos through "Education Super Panel"
A series of videos include a panel with the amazing @Anna (Anna Kinnane from the QCT), Glen Watt from IMPACT, and Nicola Flanagan, from Oakleigh State School.

The first video is an introduction to the digitech curriculum in a very practical way–with insights into what teachers are doing in the classroom with things like robotics:

The second video is all about myths in digitech, and talks about how it’s so much more than coding:

The third video gets into the use of digital technologies within digitech:

Videos about drones

How to run a “Design a Drone” class in which students think of ways that a drone can solve an urgent problem:

Drone flight physics: getting in concepts like yaw, pitch, and roll. A real help for any teacher trying to get their head around how drones work:

The list of videos keeps growing (and free for everyone: Catherine, like me, is an academic doing this to support the teaching profession):

Thanks Nick! Please let us know what content you might like as well- there is a MasterClass on the YouTube and you can have the ebook for FREE using the code ‘ebook’ from the shop at WoDE
There is also a great Maths module there for FREE - curated by QUT.
Let me know what content you’d like to see.