Top Tips for a Successful Prac

  1. Involve yourself in extra-curricular – but not at the expense of your core business – Planning and Enacting Teaching
  2. Don’t wait, Do – don’t wait to be asked to get involved when you are observing. If anything, confirm that your supervisor is OK with you wandering and assisting kids where you can
  3. Collaborate with other PSTs
  4. Attire – Try to match your supervisor, but not in a weird way
  5. Arrive early where possible – its always better to work before school before it gets busy, and it reflects well on you
  6. Don’t leave right on 3pm where possible – Like it or not, as a PST this looks bad
  7. Ask to visit other teachers that you notice are very different in style to you – you might pick up a new tool for your tool belt
  8. Don’t be too needy!!

What are your top tips?