Thinking of becoming a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher?

Are you thinking of becoming a highly accomplished teacher (HAT) or lead teacher (LT)? This is my take on the QCT resources on the subject. If you share any questions about HAT or LT here in the thread then I can promise that I’ll contact my friends over at the QCT to help answer them:

  1. The FAQ from the QCT is the best thing that I’ve read on the subject. It addresses:
  • What is certification?
  • What are the certification eligibility requirements?
  • What are the costs for applicants?
  • What is the difference between HATs and LTs?
  • Who assesses the application?
  • When can I submit an application?
  1. You can use the AITSL self-assessment tool to figure out whether or not you’re in a good place to apply (warning: it will make you log in or sign up)

  2. You can read some inspiring stories from other teachers on the QCT website like the story of Ruth Graham:

“It gives you more incentive to better yourself, to do more professional development, to learn more and become better at your craft – I think it is a really good idea, they should have brought it in years ago,” Ruth says.

In general you can find all of the resources kept up to date on the QCT website under the certification area

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