Reflecting on teacher practice during the GTPA

Using reflective practices is key to growing as a young teacher. To support this learning method, the QCT have shared stories from mentors and early-career teachers, about how they used reflection to succeed in the ‘Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment’ (GTPA).

The video can be seen here:

The GTPA is an authentic culminating assessment designed to demonstrate preservice teachers’ competence in classroom practice. The GTPA was developed to meet the requirements of the National Program Standards (AITSL, 2015) that require that ‘preservice teachers … have successfully completed a final-year teaching performance assessment prior to graduation’ (AITSL, 2015, p. 10) and is aligned with the Graduate Teacher Standards (AITSL, 2011). A Collective of Higher Education Providers are to implement the GTPA with fidelity in Initial Teacher Education courses. An established performance standard is applied. Rigorous systematic moderation is undertaken for quality assurance and comparability purposes.


  • How have you previously used reflection time with your mentors to grow as a teacher? What strategies worked best for you?