QCT Webinar: Reading and spelling for dyslexia

There is a free QCT recording of a web conference about Teaching Reading: The Science of Reading and Dyslexia. It might be one of the most popular webinars that they have held to date and it’s a popular topic among teachers.

Join Rachel McDonald, specialist Literacy educator as she explains the implications of Dyslexia for students in the classroom and practical Reading and spelling strategies to support these students.

Dyslexia affects decoding ability, which is making that code cracking ability difficult regardless of their language skills. So scientists know that decoding difficulties in dyslexia are caused by difficulty in understanding how words are made up (individual speech sounds) and how these sounds relate to letters (Rachel McDonald)

During this session, Rachel McDonald, specialist literacy educator will outline some of the early signs and indicators of Dyslexia, explain why we need to be using explicit, structured literacy teaching for Dyslexics students and will provide spelling techniques that benefit all students in the classroom.


[Image credit: Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash]

Excellent resource, thanks for sharing.