QCT Webinar: Professional boundaries, a guide for QLD teachers

Join Beth Houston, Senior Legal Officer with the Queensland College of Teachers, as she discusses the topic of professional boundaries for teachers in this recorded webinar.

The talk provides some guidance for you for a number of high risk situations for teachers that are not uncommon, such as:

  • A teacher becoming close to a former student.
  • The risks associated with electronic and digital communications with students (this is a focus of the talk).
  • Socialising in a small community.
  • Relationships with students outside school, such as coaching or being a family friend.

The relevant documents that Beth refers back to throughout the talk are:

  1. Code of ethics for teachers in QLD
  2. Professional boundaries: A guide of QLD teachers

Full link is: https://mediasite.eq.edu.au/mediasite/Play/a41276fcc2424b4b9e67b6bf9c7d647b1d

Interesting topic, although I am unsure if those situations all need to be deemed high risk.

Hmmm, good point. I guess what I hear in Beth’s talk is that these are common pathways that lead to teachers crossing professional boundaries. So perhaps just be aware that these are the places to be particularly conscious of keeping your professional boundaries (and of interest to me is that most of these apply for university teachers too)

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