Mentoring Beginning Teachers - How did you find your teacher mentor?

Finding an experienced mentor as an early-career, or pre-service teacher, is not just recommended, it is a necessity. Modern-day education can be extremely daunting for a graduate, so connecting with an established educator to guide you through the terrain is extremely beneficial.

The problem arises however when it comes to actually finding these mentors and engaging with them. I struggled with this myself, as I couldn’t exactly ‘pop down to Kmart’ and pick up a mentor that would help me put my teaching journey in context.

That is why several groups such as the Emerging Music Teachers Network (St. Aidens Anglican Girls’ School) and the Sprints Program for Early-Career Teachers (Craigslea SHS) have created key initiatives to support this mentoring process.

To hear their amazing stories and perhaps get involved with their initiatives, follow this link, courtesy of the QCT:

QUESTION - I’m keen to hear what the TeachConnect community think!

  • If you have a teaching mentor, how did you begin that working partnership?
  • If you do not have a mentor, how could the process of finding one be improved?