KUTA CATCH-UP: Episode 1: The Top 5 Reasons Why Project Based Learning (PBL) Will Transform Your Teaching and Learning Practice

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first official episode of KUTA CATCH-UP, for all your PBL Buzz!

Please join us, Lauren and Pamela of Team Schmovelroud, and be embraced as part of our growing professional learning community on Project Based Learning.

Our first episode will explore the The Top 5 Reasons Why Project Based Learning or PBL Will Transform Your Teaching and Learning Practice.

We’ll be exploring:

  • Student engagement and connectedness
  • Authentic student development of 21st century skills
  • Global citizenship
  • Addressing urgency in your school context
  • And why PBL is so much FUN!

To learn more about the transformative experience of PBL, please check out episode 1 below:

Now, if that’s not enough PBL buzz for you, check out this post from one of our PBL idols and PBL Works advocate and guru, Suzie Boss, on how Project Based Learning helps our students to build important 21st century skills:

And finally, as we expand the PBL universe here down under, it is important to acknowledge the data and research supporting why project based learning is so transformative and why many schools across the globe are finding success with it, we wanted to share this very latest national survey out of the United States that supports Project Based Learning:

Hopefully, we have encouraged you to learn even more about project based learning and help you along on your own PBL journeys. Please join us for our next upcoming episode where Team Schmovelroud busts some myths and commonly held perceptions about PBL. Bee seeing you for the next KUTA CATCH-UP!

~ Team Schmovelroud