Introduce yourself

Hi everyone, my name is Nick Kelly and I’m an academic interested in trying to help teachers through the design of better online communities. I’ve made this site mostly in my spare time. I’m a lecturer in Interaction Design at QUT, but I’ve been working with teachers across Australia for almost a decade now.

If you’ve got any ideas for how this site could be better, for content that you would like to see, or even ideas for other online things that might work to support teachers, then please do message me through this platform.


Hi Everyone

My name is Anna Kinnane and I work as the Digital Strategies Project Manager at the QCT. This is my 35th year in Education, having taught in primary classrooms across the state for 22 years. I am also one of the writers of the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies and I am excited to see the innovative and engaging ways Australian teachers are implementing this new curriculum. In my role at the QCT, I have the opportunity to work with and support teachers, school leaders and preservice teachers via a number of projects. In my spare time, I enjoy long distance running and I have recently joined a rowing crew for some fun. I love travelling, especially to Italy!

I have been involved with the TeachConnect from its early beginning and I am really looking forward to communicating with the Beginning Teachers in Qld via this platform.



Hello there. My name is Eric Low and I am a provisional teacher, recently registered. I went through the link on the QCT website, watched the video and arrived here. I think the idea of this site is great and look forward to contributing in any capacity I can, as well as finding valuable information.

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Hello everyone! My name is Liam D. Auliciems and I am the co-founder of PRAC-E, which is an initiative to support pre-service teachers. We mainly run symposium events where pre-service teachers can connect with experts in the field. I look forward to working with TeachConnect and seeing all your comments!


Hello to everyone out there, I’m Lynda and have recently completed my post graduate studies in primary education. As a mid year graduate (2018), I completed a couple of months of supply teaching on the Sunshine Coast prior to accepting a position in the Torres Strait Islands. I travelled a remote Island to commence my first year of teaching with my two daughters 6 and 8 yrs. After spending 6 months in the Torres Strait I am now enjoying a position in the country.
Like others, I have followed links and read about TeachConnect, and I look forward to continued professional development and learning by connecting with others.

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Hello everyone. My name is Kellie Espie. I have been teaching for many, many years and have recently returned to university (yikes) to complete an online degree and engage in some action research. I have a special interest in literacy and language, evidence-based teaching and collaborative learning. I have been engaged in various capacities throughout my teaching career, starting as a year 7 teacher, and teaching mainly in the 3-6 years. I have also been a Support Teacher:Literacy and Numeracy, Head of Curriculum, Reading Coach (at the Reading Centre) and am about to embark back into school as a Literacy Coach. (I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!)

I think this is a wonderful initiative and hope I can add something of value.


Hi Eric
Welcome to the site and welcome to the teaching profession. I am so happy you have registered for to join the TeachConnect community. We look forward to supporting you throughout the year.

Hi Kellie

Welcome to the TeachConnect community. It sounds like you have a wealth of experience. Congratulations on returning to study. We look forward to interacting with you throughout the year.

Hi Lynda

Welcome to the TeachConnect community. What a great way to start your teaching career working in the Torres Strait and now in rural Queensland. We look forward to supporting you and interacting with you through the TeachConnect platform. Good luck with the first week back at school.

Hi all, I am a third year rural secondary teacher in Central Queensland and am also studying my Masters through QUT Faculty of Education. My research interests are in early career teacher ‘burnout’ and attrition rates, engaging pre-service teachers in quality and meaningful mentoring and developing better programs to enhance teachers experiences in the early phases of their career to keep them beyond three years of teaching! I am also fascinated by how we, as early career teachers turn to social media sites and communities for support, conversation, resources and shared ideas!


Hi Michelle, welcome! Lovely to hear from you. If you ever want to talk through ideas about how teachers are using social media and online communities feel free to send me a private message (just click on my name) as that’s my main research interest too.

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Hi Michelle

Welcome to TeachConnect. I would be really interested in hearing about your research in early career teacher burnout and attrition rates. Have you had a chance to look at the QCT Attrition report for 2018-2019? It can be found on the QCT website and it might be useful to you. I spent 3 years as an early career teacher working in Central Queensland at Blackwater North Primary school. I look forward to communicating with you in our online community.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Julian and I am a graduate secondary education teacher. I graduated in 2016 from QUT with a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.

For a number of reasons, I was unable to really dive head first into teaching after graduating. I am now at a stage in my life where I am confident within myself and more assured in where I want to go.

Unfortunately, given that it’s been nearly 4 years since graduating, and having a new desire to teach Junior English and Humanities, I find myself quite overwhelmed with almost needing to relearn the basics of how to teach - lesson plans, creating units - the fundamentals. Not to mention needing to learn the curriculum. I have done a couple of supply teaching jobs, and my end goal is to transfer from Provisional to Fully Registered.

I look forward to doing more research into the invaluable advice and resources TeachConnect has to offer and thank you for your time.


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Hi @JulianMog and welcome. Best of luck with getting your head around everything in preparing to teach again.

Do feel free to reach out to me or some of the other people in this thread by direct message if you feel like asking any further questions, particularly as you try and get your evidence in order to become fully registered. Thanks!