How to Stay Balanced To Be The Best Teacher - Kafoople Land

What’s up, PRAC-Es?

PRAC-E is very excited to bring you a collaboration with notable ‘TeacherTuber’, Kafoople Land! EJ Kafoople is a large voice in the online teacher community, so having the chance to have a chat with her was a fantastic opportunity. Her advice is sure to bring a lot of value to the TeachConnect community!

In this PRAC-E Snapshot, we discussed teacher wellbeing. Teacher wellbeing is something PRAC-E gets asked about quite often at our PRAC-E Symposiums. Many beginning teachers are worried that the demands of the profession will make their lives unbalanced, as they try and cope day-to-day.

Luckily for us, Emma shared some really valuable advice in the clip above about what a beginning teacher could do to support themselves during their early years. We hope you enjoy the collaboration in the video and podcast below: