How do I use TeachConnect?

TeachConnect is a community of teachers and it will become what you make it. It has main categories of:

  • Curriculum, Resources and Planning where teachers are sharing resources and discussion of classroom practices
  • Events, PL, Jobs and Community is where organisations and teachers are sharing these opportunites. We try and make sure that only free professional learning and events are shared here.
  • Evidence, Standards and Registration where teachers are sharing pragmatic tips on how to provide evidence against the standards for registration (side note: members from the QCT are in the platform and can help with any questions you have here)
  • Prac Experience and Beginning Teachers where beginning teachers can ask any questions at all about the profession and get support during prac experience from those who’ve been there

Here are some of the main ways that you can use TeachConnect:

  1. Ask questions or share ideas/resources by clicking on the plus sign to add a new topic. Any question is a good question! If it’s already been asked we’ll point you to the right place.

  2. See what others are asking either by looking through the site categories or receiving email updates about the latest activity from QLD teachers.

  3. Comment on other posts by reading the thread and replying with your contribution.

Also, by doing that, you can:

  1. Use your constructive activity within the TeachConnect forum as evidence against the APSTs when you’re applying for graduate/proficient/highly accomplished/lead teacher.

If you’ve got any questions about how to do any of this then just ask in this thread and I’ll get back to you