How do I set up my classroom before the first day of Term 1?

What’s up, PRAC-E’s?

As young teachers, it can be hard to figure out where to even begin at the start of the year. Every teacher sets up their classroom differently. Some teachers analyse past student results, while others come in fresh. Some teachers have seating plans, while others let the year play out before deciding where their students can sit.

At PRAC-E Symposium III, our panel of real-world teachers dissected this art form, and gave away their best advice on how best you can set up your classroom before the chaos of Day #1.

Hear their tips/tricks in the video and podcast below:


  • First of all, do dedicate some time before the year starts to think about how you’re going to set up your classroom.
  • You could even physically go into the school a few days before, and analyse the shape of your room and your resources.
  • You could analyse past student results to get a feel of their ability, or ignore them and start fresh. It’s up to you!
  • Seating plans can make students feel trapped, but definitely consider the best layout of your room.