How do I make connections with a school early in my degree?

Hello everyone!

Something that always gives me a bit of anxiety is the job-seeking process towards the end of my degree. I constantly hear about the power of networking. My question is, what things can I do using my own initiative to start making connections with potential schools I could land a job at?

Hey Auliciems,

It’s safe to say that you’re not alone in your anxiousness. The job-seeking ‘silly season’ around term 3 and term 4 is enough to make anyone nervous about their future career. As you stated, it’s a great idea to get involved with potential schools early on in your studies and start making those connections ASAP! Countless teachers tell us of how they landed their current job through their networks. The question however, is how is that done in the first place?

Luckily for you, the esteemed panel at PRAC-E Symposium II offered their stories and insights into this particular problem. The school principal of St. Peters’ Lutheran College even listed the ways in which he has hired many young teachers, using this same proactive method.

Hear what they had to say on the video and podcast below!


  • Look into getting involved with schools’ co-curricular programs. You could volunteer for a coaching position or something similar, and many schools even pay for those positions.
  • Be proactive and think about how you could add to the community of the school.
  • Principals often look for those specific type of things on potential employee resumes. For example, you could have helped coach a volleyball team, and have completed a Level 1 Coaching Certificate on the side.
  • You can then link the skills you learned helping out at the position to enhance your credibility in the teacher job interview process, e.g. giving instructions, people management, pastoral care, etc.