How do I keep my enthusiasm as a young teacher, especially around negative collegues?

Hey everyone, as a young teacher I feel like I bring a certain level of enthusiasm to my job. I still want to be that one teacher that inspired me to continue down this career path. However, like any workplace, I do come across ‘negative Nancys’ that occasionally get me down about my work. What strategies can I use to ensure I don’t burn out and let these outside voices influence my love of teaching???

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Great question!

Although enthusiasm is at its strongest during the early years of teaching, that is also when it is at its most fragile. Every workplace will have negative voices, seemingly always being able to find something to whinge about. As a young teacher it is important to have strategies to support yourself and your work, and continually remind yourself about why you fell in love with this profession to begin with.

At PRAC-E Symposium III, a fellow early-career teacher described her strategies to keeping enthusiasm and the fire alive.

To hear her views, and the views of the other panelists, watch the video or listen to the podcast below!


  • Make sure you actively seek out support networks, mentors and positive colleagues.
  • Ask yourself why those staff members may be feeling negative at the point.
  • Also expand your horizons and seek support from peers from your cohorts, friends or family.
  • Ensure the school you apply for has the right culture for you before applying.
  • Inquire to your potential schools about their induction/support programs for early-career teachers.
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