How do I approach 'streamed' classes in my school?


‘Streaming’ in schools is currently being hotly debated in schools. As much as its validity is important to discuss, what does this mean for young teachers? Do streamed classes affect day-to-day pedagogy?

At PRAC-E Symposium III, our experienced panel talked about streaming in schools, and whether that affects their preparation. Enjoy the video and podcast below!


  • Acknowledging ‘difference’ is incredibly important. Historically, it hasn’t been tolerated, unfortunately.
  • “Streaming is going to die” - quote from a senior teacher. Streaming by ability puts a child’s life on rails.
  • When you are thinking about your content, you should structure it to hit all different levels of understanding.
  • You should never create content to get outcomes, just for outcomes sake. ‘Success’ looks different for every child.