How can you approach individualised student learning as a beginning teacher?

Education reviews such as the Gonsky report, call for the advancement of individualised student learning or ‘tailored learning’. For a beginning teacher, this term can sound daunting.

In this #ASKPRACEANYTHING snapshot, a current HOD and senior leader shares his views on individualised student learning. To hear his views, watch the video or listen to the podcast below:


  • There are new movements within the education sector to give students more ownership over their learning.
  • Opinions are divided over what model it should take. Practicality is of utmost importance.
  • At times, labelling students as having particular ‘learning styles’ can pigeonhole their potential abilities. Learning is not set in stone and is very dynamic and fluid.
  • Put effort into creating your own learning profiles of your students. Have an understanding of how they learn best.
  • Having individual lesson plans for every student could be impractical. However, you should ensure your activities cater to different styles and abilities.
  • Do not feel pressure to know the complicated inner workings of your students from day one. You will build that knowledge over time.
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