How can school assessment be fair in the time of COVID-19?

Dr Jill Willis from the QUT talks through some good questions to ask about your assessments during times of remote teaching:

Assessment is fair when a number of conditions are met. School leaders, teachers and systems can meet these conditions by asking themselves the following questions:

1. Have the most important things you want students to learn been made clear?
2. Has it been made clear what successful performance of these important things could look like for students?
3. Have students had the opportunity to learn these important things?
4. Have students had the opportunity to check that they understand what has been taught, and to adjust their learning before they are assessed?
5. Does the assessment enable students to demonstrate what they know?
6. Do the teachers who are making judgements have support to check their decision making is trustworthy, and comparable to judgements made by other teachers?
7. Are there ways to give students and their carers feedback on how the assessment results can inform future actions?

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What a helpful and well-argued piece. The 7 questions for checking assessment fairness are important for all teachers to reflect on. I am suggesting in every forum I can that summative assessment needs to slow, perhaps even stop, during the school-at-home period. Formative and diagnostic assessment would be better deployed in many cases.

Without valid assessment data from Term 2, the half yearly reporting cycle also seems like a waste of time in 2020. Given the continual reporting on progress that parents are about to engage in with teachers, traditional half yearly reports (which use up copious amounts of teacher time) will serve little purpose and should be suspended this year ASAP.

Pass these ideas on if you agree!

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