How can I introduce a "Myths and Legends" unit for Grade 7?

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I saw this question posted by one of my peer’s on Beginning Teachers’ Lounge. What does the TeachConnect community think about this topic?

“Hey, guys! I was wondering if I could please get any help in regards to resources, or lesson ideas for Year 7 - Introducing Myth Production (new topic) any ideas on how to start this one? or any resources I can take a look at?”

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Interesting topics! By myth production, I’m assuming this is like ‘myths & legends’ or ‘urban myths’, ‘folk tales’ kind of thing? I like the sound of that topic and it has so many possibilities for engaging lessons.

I’d start by asking the students what myths they know of. Depending on their backgrounds, you might get some really interesting stories.

Then you could look into why myths exist in the first place. What purpose do they serve? How do they get passed on? Do they have greater meaning?

A lot of cultures have similar myths too, even though you’d think they’re not related or have communication with each other, e.g. nearly every culture talks about dragons, etc. You could bounce off the students’ stories with this. I doubt they would have told each other before, but I’d be banking on them all knowing similar myths to each other. How do you myths pass on? How are they created?

The phrase 'myth vs reality comes to mind. You could make the point that some myths come from true events. You could have a ‘on insta vs real life’ meme to begin the lesson.

You could give them a day-to-day happening at the school e.g. assembly, and ask them to do a short creative piece turning into a mythical legend.

Not too sure, but there’s definitely some great opportunities to come up with some awesome lessons.

Good question. Firstly, you will need to take a good look at the Australian Curriculum and determine which content descriptions are the focus for the teaching and learning of content related to Myths and Legends. Assuming it is an English unit, a good place to start is to find a text/ novel in this genre. A good introductory lesson could include finding out what the students already know about myths and legends. You could provide some examples and ask the students to determine whether each one is a myth or legend or neither. e.g. what determines whether something is a myth/ legend? If you have access to the internet and students have access to a device you could create an online quiz or Word Cloud to determine prior knowledge. Check out Poll Everywhere. It is a free online interactive tool that is very easy to use.