How can I handle the workload as a beginning teacher?

Many beginning teachers fret about the potentially demanding workload they’ll face once they join the profession. Teachers within the first five years of their careers are notoriously susceptible to burnout if they don’t organise their work/life balance.

In this episode, PRAC-E has an honest conversation with a serving HOD about the current demands of teachers in the workplace. He shares his advice for beginning teachers, as well as some valuable ‘teacher hacks’ about how you can effectively manage your time.

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  • Hang in there, because it gets easier!
  • As you stay in the system, you will eventually be repeating units and will be able to create a bank of resources.
  • Learn time management. Often beginning teachers create enough resources for 4-5 lessons for just one!
  • Teachers can always be working on their craft. Make sure you impose ‘office hours’, and have a healthy work/life balance.
  • Have a hobby and make sure you get away from the profession.
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The first few years in any new career will always be demanding. Beginning teachers are no different. However the impact of technology enables access anywhere, anytime and this means we don’t necessarily have a definitive switch off time. Therefore, my advice would be to make sure you set clear boundaries. Perhaps you determine that your work days end at 5pm. This provides dedicated non contact time after school to complete set tasks. From this time on, spend time doing anything but work. For others, it might mean arriving at work earlier in the morning and finishing earlier in the day. Regardless of the start and end times, it is important to have balance. A tired and stressed teacher is not going to be as effective as one who is happy and enjoying life. After the first few years the workload will ease as you will be more confident with pedagogy, behavior management and your content knowledge will be much deeper. I would suggest seeking advice from a mentor or more experienced colleague if you are finding it difficult to manage the workload or if work is starting to affect your health.

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