How can I find opportunities to teach overseas?

As young careers start gaining momentum, it is an increasing want to travel overseas. The teaching profession especially gives young educators fantastic opportunities to travel the world. If this interests you, what steps can you start to take to make this a reality?

At PRAC-E Symposium III, some of our panellists had some great stories about their travels overseas. To hear their stories and advice, enjoy the video and podcast below!


  • Doors will open in the early stages of your careers. If you follow opportunities and are willing to take them, the teaching profession will allow you to experience all different settings.
  • Always be willing to ‘knock on doors’ and never pigeonhole yourself into certain schooling settings.
  • New experiences add to your repertoire. It is easier to find permanent placements in rural settings.
  • Leadership roles are also easier to come by in rural and unique sectors. Teachers can really own the market.
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