How can I find affordable resources for my prac?

Finding affordable resources for your upcoming practicum can be difficult. Many teachers take their resources with them after their classes, possibly leaving you with nothing! Bringing your own resources assures you are prepared, but it can quickly break the bank.

To fix this problem, PRAC-E presents the debut episode of the Kmart Teacher Hack Challenge! In this video, two beginning teachers compete against each other to find the most useful items at their local Kmart, under $20!

Enjoy the debut episode below:


  • Resources are not guaranteed at your prac school. Teachers can also be protective over their resources and can bring them with them when they leave your classroom (we suggest you do the same, to tell the truth!). Nothing can disrupt a lesson like an empty classroom!
  • Even if your school provides you with resources, it can impress your mentor if you are proactive and bring your own!
  • Don’t break the bank! There are affordable options for obtaining resources. Check your local department stores of op shops.
  • Be creative! Even mundane items can be used within a lesson.
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