Engaging with students - where should I draw the line?

Hello everyone,

Something I am always trying to improve as a teacher is student engagement. I know when I was a student, if I was engaged in a certain teacher’s pedagogy, my efforts in that particular class would greatly improve. As a teacher, I feel this does extend towards getting to know my students, and continually working on those relationships.

However, with pastoral care, the line you have to tread as a teacher will can be blurry. If a student comes to you with a personal problem, it can be a teachers’ first instinct to help that child. This does push things into a grey area however, that can be confusing, and even dangerous for teachers.

Rachel Drew, a partner from the Holding Redlich law firm, recently sat down with the QCT to talk about the risks of engaging too closely with students, and where to draw the line.

Her comments can be seen below:

Key Questions

  • Do you believe it is necessary for teachers to put in formalised steps to protect themselves within this area?
  • How do you think a teacher can engage with their school’s co-curricular/pastoral care elements and stay safe with their student engagement?