Do 'edu-influencers' on social media create unrealistic expectations for teachers?

What’s up, PRAC-Es!?

Does the rise of ‘edu-influencers’ on social media create unrealistic expectations for teachers? We’re sure you all have your favourite ‘teachertubers’ or ‘teach-stagrams’, but for a beginning teacher, these pristine depictions of teacher life can be misleading.

Just as ordinary people only share the spectacular moments of their life on Facebook, teacher pages and accounts generally fail to depict the reality of the profession. Report writing and lesson planning usually make way for rainbow coloured classrooms and advertisements for paid resources.

These elements are fantastic in moderation, but PRAC-E recently saw a young beginning teacher who was sharing her anxiety about not having an ‘insta-worthy’ classroom space. Of course, classrooms should be warm and inviting, but functionality and pedagogy are also incredibly important.

In this PRAC-E Snapshot, we ask Bec West of Talkin’ Chalk about her opinions surrounding this subject. How can a beginning teacher use social media effectively as they start their pedagogical journey? Ejoy the video and podcast below: