Different processes for different schools? How do I know what to do?

I am currently in rural area and the folio requirements were different between schools in the same region. Why do schools place different expectations ? I would assume the criterion and suitability judgements would be consistent ?

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Also in reply to BeardyOne’s comment…why do some schools push for full rego to occur in first year but others don’t even look until its 2nd year etc. It shouldn’t be pushed on to us to do within first year…its too much?

The expectations of when the folio should be worked on was dictated by my school, which meant we didn’t have autonomy to work on it at our own pace and it also gave us additional work pressures at unnecessary times through the year.

Did anyone else have the same problem, that after a lesson they would think - far out, I should have recorded that or taken pictures of the student work or my whiteboard. Anyone have hints and tips for how you may have set up reminders for that???