Create a digital portfolio using the QCT iTunes template


The QCT has put a lot of time and effort into developing a clever way to organise and present evidence for the standards using iTunes. Their offical doco is here.

In short, the way that this works is:

  • They have a set of templates, so one of those will be appropriate to the evidence that you are gathering.
  • You can use the QCT template long as you have iTunes (which you can download on either Apple or PC easily, you don’t need to have a mac)
  • You do need to have an AppleID to start the process (anyone can get one once they have iTunes)
  • To get the templates and use them you need to follow these guides but the real work is in the “gathering your evidence”\
  • The biggest barrier in here is that there is one step (in the “accessing the templates” user guide) where you need to email a request to the QCT and wait for a response (so be aware that this can’t be a last minute thing)

The use of the QCT templates for digital portfolios can be supported by a highly recommended iBook (multimedia publication that you can only access on Apple devices) that Anna Kinnane has developed that will effectively hold your hand through the whole process:

(Word of warning: the iBook is a very large file so it should be downloaded somewhere that you have wifi)

The six guides on the QCT site are these ones:

Using video to gather evidence