APST 7.4 Engage with professional teaching networks and the broader community

My name is Karl. I am an unusual category of provisionally registered teacher. I first gained professional registration in 2006. However, I have been teaching in Taiwan and the United Kingdom for about 6 years in total. I am now in the process of transitioning to full registration in QLD.
I am currently collecting all of my evidence. In particular APST 7.4 outlines the need to engage with professional teaching networks. In particular dot point three states as evidence ‘communication which shows participation in professional and community networks and forums to broaden knowledge and improve practice’.

So, I would be interested in opening a dialogue with anyone who wants to communicate with me about transitioning to full registration and working constructively together towards broadening our pedagological knowledge base and improving our classroom practice.

May your classrooms be filled with smiling and attentive faces,


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Hi Karl, lovely to hear from you. You can definitely use your conversations on TeachConnect as a part of your evidence. I’m curious, what aspects of improving your classroom practice are you interested in? If you post a question about one aspect then that’s a good way of starting a dialogue that you can use as your evidence.

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Right at the moment I am finding it difficult to determine what sort of evidence Icould use to address APST 7.2 which is Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements.
Any ideas on what you would provide as evidence for this APST in your transitional to full registration?


Hi Karl, just following up to let you know that I’ve just created a post about how to use TeachConnect to show evidence that you’ve addressed APST 7.4. Do let me know in that thread if you’ve found this helpful.

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Hi Karl, I’m creating a thread on this now, I’ll link you to it here once it’s ready.

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